Manx Scouts

Introducing our new Money Skills Activity Badge for Beavers and Cubs

19th June 2021

We’re excited to announce our brand new Money Skills Activity Badge for Beavers and Cubs – our first new badge in more than three years.

The Money Skills Activity Badge, supported by HSBC UK, will help build young people’s confidence and understanding of money through creative, fun and hands-on activities.

Financial habits are formed by the age of 7, so HSBC UK wanted to support this badge to help young people develop positive habits at an age when it matters most.

There are four requirements for Beavers and five for Cubs, all designed to give young people the chance to reflect on what they already know about money, use the decision-making skills they already have, and apply their skills to financial situations.

We’ve created at least two new activities for each requirement, which have been designed with volunteers, and tested and enjoyed by real Beavers and Cubs all across England and Wales.

Take a look at the full programme or try one of the activities below. We’ll release more activities over the next couple of years.

Money maps

Work together to create a map of different currencies around the world.

Make your own bank

Create a safe place for you to collect your favourite things.

We hope you’ll agree that this new programme is a great opportunity for us to help young people prepare to deal with money, both at Scouts and in their personal lives.

As always, you can let us know what you think of activities through the purple feedback button on the website.