Learn Knife Safety

In a new 2 minute video Craig McHugh, the Assistant Island Commissioner for Cubs, shows us how to pass a knife safely.

How to make a feather stick II

James Sandall from 1st Rushen shows how to finish your feather stick from the baton in part II with another 2 min. video.

How to make a feather stick I

One of the leaders at 1st Rushen Scouts is a Bushcraft expert. In a 2 minute video he begins to show us how to make a feather stick to make fire lighting easier.

Why Scouting Is So Powerful

Another great video by Bear Grylls & Being Chief Scout

How to Prepare your Perfect Neckerchief

In another 2 minute video, Penny shows us how to roll your neckerchief.

Come on -let’s bake. Making Scotch Pancakes

Penny Collier shows is how to make Scotch Pancakes. Let’s eat.

How to sew on a badge

In this weeks 2 min video Penny Collier, our Assistant Island Commissioner for Special Needs, tells us how to sew a badge onto your uniform.

Cub Receives Award from Island Commissioner

This evening (Thursday, 14 May) via Zoom, Guy Thompson and other leaders present presented the County Commissioner;s Commendation Award to a Cub from 1st Malew Scout Group. This is a award that the Island Commissioner, Guy has presented this to about 30 leaders over the years, but this Cub is the first young person to […]